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Employee Time Off Tracking System

This software program is designed for small businesses that need to keep track of exempt (or hourly) employee paid time off.  Vacation, sick, and personal time is allotted to each employee, and TOTS will allow you to maintain accurate records for each employee.


  • Each employee has access to their time off history

  • Employees may create and submit Time Off Request Forms

  • Integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook

  • Customize absence types and absence plans

  • Maintains previous years' data

How It Works

  1. Employees log on to the system to request time off (vacation, sick, personal, etc.) and print a Time Off Request Form.
  2. If interfaced with Outlook, the request is routed to the employee's supervisor for approval.
  3. Once approved, the TOTS Administrator will manually enter the time off request in the system.

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